Durham ranked best for student life in the UK

Durham Students.by Ben Williams

Durham University has been ranked top for both student life and living expenses in a recent survey of 91 universities.

The survey, which also compared factors such as course satisfaction and entrance requirements, was carried out by Lloyd’s Bank last month.

Also featuring among the top ten were Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester and neighbouring Newcastle.

Several students were unsurprised by the results: “of course Durham is ranked top for student night life. If you have this many students in a small space with a college system, it’s bound to be lively.”

Indeed, whilst Manchester, who placed eighth, have over 250 bars, pubs and clubs for its students to enjoy, the students of its university are spread out across Greater Manchester, as opposed to Durham where 16,000 students are concentrated in just 72 square miles.

Of the universities, Bath University came top in terms of student satisfaction with their degree courses and the teaching received, with a 96% satisfaction rate.

Durham does also benefit from its college system, with most college bars providing significantly subsidised drinks and food.

Nitesh Patel, an economist with Lloyds, noted that student satisfaction in terms of nightlife tended to increase within provincial cities in the North of the country.

Student accommodation costs are reportedly the highest in the country outside of London, costing approximately £3,730 for a year’s let.
Part of the analysis process also involved looking at future employability and potential earnings.

One Collingwood second-year stated “I think it’s closely related to parental incomes. With high parental income, people will be easily prepared to spend more. It might also help the employment rates, with students joining their parents’ companies after university.”

Durham does have one of the highest proportions of privately educated students in the UK, ranking 6th with 40.8% in a survey by Student Beans last year.

Others were more surprised by the results, with Daniel Holmes, a second-year from Josephine Butler College adding, “it just seems funny to me, as Durham has this reputation for being a nice, quiet, traditional student city. The highlight of our nightlife is Klute!”

Photograph: Durham University Images

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