CU ask 'Do you Know Truth?'

Last week Durham Inter-Collegiate Christian Union held its annual event week.

The ‘Know Truth’ week aimed to allow every member of the University to hear what the Bible says, why members of the Christian Union believe its claims, and why they consider it relevant to every student.

The week took the form of lunchtime talks addressing many of the dominant issues non-believers have about the Christian message, such as ‘Where is God in a messed up world?’ and ‘Surely becoming a Christian will cost me my freedom?’ There was also an opportunity for anyone to ask Paul Clarke, the main speaker and a Durham Law graduate, any questions they might have about the Christian message, which helped created an engaging debate.

As well as more specific evening talks, DICCU organized several bar quizzes, a jazz night, film night and the aptly named ‘Grill-a-Christian’ evenings in various colleges.

Mark Rainbow of the Christian Union said: “We hope that the Know Truth week provides an opportunity for students in Durham to find out for themselves about Jesus’ claims and to engage with their significance. The week of talks and events builds upon the other events we run throughout the year which are aimed at making Jesus known to students in the university”

Christian Union President Jonny Burgess told Palatinate: “It is such a joy to have the opportunities that the Main Event provides to share this awesome message with students in Durham. Jesus offers us all complete forgiveness, unfailing love and eternal life, even though we only deserve to face God’s anger at our rejection of him.”

He also explained the reasoning behind the week’s title – ‘Know Truth’. “Jesus said, ‘I am the truth’, and it’s the greatest news in the world that God has provided us with a way to know truth – that is, to know him and the only one who can save us, Jesus Christ. That’s why we shall be starting a course, called ‘Investigate Truth’, for students to come and investigate more about the claims made during the week.”

The course will start on Wednesday 13 February in the DSU’s Riverside Café.

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