Cheap booze boosts Durham’s student reputation

By Jack Reed

Durham has been revealed as one of the cheapest places in the UK to buy a pint of beer, according to new research.

The average price of a beer in Durham is £2.10, making it the third cheapest place in the UK for a pint. Only Plymouth and Croydon offer cheaper pints than Durham, with the average price a mere £1.99 in both places.

In contrast, many other leading university locations offer much more expensive pints, with beer costing on average £4.00 in Oxford and £3.63 in Cambridge respec­tively.

Online mortgage advisor ‘Is the Grass Greener?’, which commis­sioned the research, offer an on­line tool which enables users to compare UK cities and/or London boroughs on a number of differ­ent factors, including: house price, first-time buyer price, crime rate, safety index, taxi fare price, fuel price and pint price.

Compared to Newcastle, the largest city close to Durham, there is a £1 difference in the average cost of a pint, with beer priced at £3.10 in the city.

This information could prove telling for A Level students ap­plying to university for next year since pint prices are a key indica­tor of lifestyle costs at prospective universities.

Photograph: Abish Falcón via creative commons 

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