Tackling sexual violence at Durham

"A poll conducted by YouthSight, as cited in The Telegraph in 2015, found that a shocking 43% of the women who took part from a host of UK universities had decided not to report sexual assault. Clearly, we still need to create an even safer...

God bless America: the theology of Trump

"Trump himself doesn’t seem to care much for religion. His ignorance on the most basic theological questions and apathy on LGBT+ rights and abortion – central issues for his evangelical supporters – have been self-evident right from the...

In defence of Michael Gove

Samuel Betley argues, ‘Mr Gove found more widely publicised success as Justice Secretary and Lord Chancellor. Arguably his approach is more suited to the wiles of the legal profession, with an opinion piece in the Law Gazette going so far as to...

Thanks for nothing, Obama

"I understand that people like him on a personal level, but can we all please deal in facts and realise that all the hype is in fact just that: hype." Dominic Dixey states.

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