Castle CCA auction raises over £5,000

By Jack Reed

A black-tie charity auction organised by University College has raised over £5,000 for Castle Community Action (CCA), a group which focuses on improving sections of the local area in Durham.

The auction took place in Castle’s Great Hall on the 4th November. It was attended by around 200 people who each paid £16 for the opportunity to attend and bid at the auction.

£2,225 of the money was raised through town hall fundraising while the rest was made through the charity auction itself.

The highest auction bid was close to £500, paid for a holiday home in the south of France.

Other prizes ranged from a holiday in Normand to Durham University Charity Fashion Show tickets, to guaranteed formal spaces for next year.

In addition to this, members of the Exec were auctioned off as a ‘date with the Exec’ prize.

The money raised went towards CCA, which is composed of five separate sections: Secondary and Primary Education, Elderly Care, Homelessness and Community days.

The group was formed with the intention of aiding and benefitting different areas within the Durham community. This aim reflects the motto of the college ‘non nobis solum’, which translates to ‘not for ourselves alone.’

Photograph: Durham University

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