BUCS Wednesday Preview: ‘Loughborough Week’

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Tomorrow sees Team Durham face some of the most important fixtures in their calendar, as nine University 1st teams welcome their counterparts from sporting giants Loughborough University to Maiden Castle.

The Lacrosse Club will be hoping to continue their dominant display from last week. With the Women’s 1st team having already beaten Loughborough in pre-season, and the Men’s 1st team being BUCS reigning champions, the Palatinates go in as favourites.

Meanwhile the Men’s Football 1st XI will be looking to bounce-back after an opening day 3-0 defeat to Stirling in which they proved that they could compete at the top level of University sport.

Head of Team Durham, Quentin Sloper, is relishing the prospect, predicting that the Palatinates should have a strong chance of victory “in over 50% of the fixtures.”

He said: “Loughborough are the benchmark; it’s always exciting to play their teams… if you can beat Loughborough in any sport it probably means that you’re there or there about in terms of having the chance to be national champions.

A full list of tomorrow’s home fixtures around Durham can be found below, with results to be posted on the Palatinate website on Thursday.



Women’s 1st v Birmingham, Queens Campus, 14:00

Women’s 2nd v Sheffield, Queens Campus, 14:00

Women’s 3rd v Hull, Queens Campus, 14:00



Men’s 1st v Loughborough, Queens Campus, 20:00

Men’s 2nd v Teesside, Maiden Castle, 20:00

Women’s 1st v Loughborough, Queens Campus, 18:00

Women’s 2nd v Leeds, Maiden Castle, 18:00



Women’s 2nd v Lancaster, Maiden Castle, 14:00



Men’s 1st XI v Loughborough, Maiden Castle 3G, 16:00

Women’s 1st XI v Loughborough, Maiden Castle 3G, 14:00

Women’s 2nd XI v York St John, Maiden Castle, 14:00



Men’s 3rd XI v Durham Men’s 4th XI, Maiden Castle, 15:30



Men’s 1st v Loughborough, Maiden Castle 3G, 13:00

Men’s 3rd v York, Maiden Castle 3G, 17:00

Women’s 1st v Loughborough, Maiden Castle 3G, 15:00

Women’s 3rd Leeds Metropolitan, Maiden Castle, 13:30

Women’s 4th v York, Maiden Castle, 15:00



Women’s 3rd v Leeds, Maiden Castle, 14:00


Rugby Union

Men’s 1st XV v Leeds Metropolitan, Maiden Castle 3G, 18:00

Men’s 2nd XV v Nottingham Trent, The Racecourse, 14:00

Men’s 3rd XV v Newcastle, Maiden Castle, 14:00

Women’s 1st XV v Loughborough, Maiden Castle, 14:00



Men’s 1st v Manchester, Maiden Castle, 17:30

Men’s 2nd v Sheffield Hallam, Maiden Castle, 15:00


Table Tennis

Men’s 1st v Durham Men’s 2nd, Hild-Bede Gym, 14:00



Women’s 1st v Manchester, Maiden Castle, 18:00

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