Breaking the Fourth Wall

By Anna Gibbs

(Disclaimer: No walls were harmed in the making of this street art, only beautified) Fashion gets the story behind Durham University Fashion Show’s (DUCFS) latest publicity stunt on New Elvet.

You might have noticed it out of the corner of your eye as you‘ve scurried out of Elvet Riverside and into the biting ten o’clock air, or perhaps you’ve stumbled across it on your way home from a night out and thought, ‘wait, what?’. But yes, merely confirming our belief that fashion IS indeed art (and now street art to be precise), DUCFS aren’t confining their publicity to just Facebook walls this year.

‘‘Over the summer the DUCFS PR and Marketing team worked with Durham Student Letting agency, Morgan Douglas to bring the first-ever society street-art to the Durham community. Morgan Douglas has been very supportive of this year’s chosen charity, Mind.’’ Jacqueline Baker, Head of PR and Marketing tells us.
‘‘Lee Ferry at Custom Artwerk Bespoke Artwork and Murals brought the creative vision to life on 10 November 2017 on the side of the Three Tuns Hotel on New Elvet. Lee has also been a huge supporter of DUCFS 2018.’’

Creative Vice President Bryony Duff filled us in on the inspiration behind the wall art, ‘When we first started thinking about how we were going to further push the boundaries with this year’s show, we discussed how we could use art in a proactive way to visually bring attention to the 2018 theme of social and political revolution.”
“At first we thought of the way that everyday spaces, like our streets, could be turned into spaces of creative protest. We looked at the work of politically motivated street artists such as Banksy, who as well as encouraging people to think about the deeper message of the artwork, embraces the optional lighter excitement that pop-up art brings to people, in spaces that would otherwise be unnoticed.”

She continued, “Our street art follows the black and white theme of our social media campaign. The piece encourages public engagement with the work, as the onlooker feels as though they too make up part of the sprawling abstract crowd in the foreground. As do the mass of heads, we look on to the show. We hope that this new and exciting street-art builds your excitement for what the 2018 show has in store.”

As an advocate of all that is theatrical in fashion, as well as of the merging of the art forms together, we now eagerly await the college fashion show walls which will surely spring up in due course…Mildert, what are you waiting for?

You can follow the DUCFS 2018 hashtag #TheShapeOfNow to keep updated in the run-up to February.

For more exclusive photos head to @palatinatefashion and @ducfs on Instagram.

Photographs: Alasdair Harris

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