Blurred Memories From Long Ago

By Sofi Ruiz

Once upon a time

The sun was shining bright

It was the middle of august

And her cheeks were stained with summer colours

Our girl was only eight

But she already wanted to escape

The world was asphyxiating, it seemed so tiny and slow

If only she could go back to those moments now

Our girl wants to run, to feel the wind by her side

She believes she can fly; she wants to reach the sky

And so she jumps, she starts rising

She spreads her arms to the sun

And laughs at everything she is devising

She is flying above the shore

Her feet can no longer feel the rocks

Years will pass and no one will believe it

The girl who mistook her arms for wings

The woman who kept cutting her strings

The bubble was too trivial for her

She used to feel out of place

But now

Now she was ready to conquer.

Photograph: Sofi Ruiz

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