Away From Durham…

By Raisa Bashar


Several months ago now

I came to a foreign land,

From a close society of friends and family,

With little chance to expand.


My life had taken a sudden turn,

But my mother had taught me well;

I kept strong and walked along,

And tried my best to jell.


I knew what I needed most

Was a family away from home,

So then what I wanted most in the world,

Were friends as nice as Rome.


First came my college friends,

Marco and Yi-Fan were their names;

One was a huge ‘laugher’ and is still

The other was adept at paintings and frames.


Iris was a breath of fresh air for me,

And the sweetest person I know now.

She is hardworking and very smart,

And always makes me go ‘wow’!


Nevena asked me one day in class,

“What is your name?”

Her niceness was apparent and we became friends,

And, truly, was I to blame?


Arm and Nut and Tun came next,

And they were a jolly bunch;

Because spending time with them is like,

Drinking your favorite punch!


David and Tuki became my module partners next,

And we had a great time.

Together we laughed and worked and laughed,

And could present like a well-tuned wind chime.


Nicolás, Wendy and Sumaiya were all

The cheers in my life;

The first was my walking partner here,

And the two girls would help me in strife.


Fariel and Rudabeh were the girls from home,

And we grew close pretty quick;

Leaving them behind here might make

My future life a bit meek.


You couldn’t find a couple anywhere,

As cool and bold as them;

Mesbah bhai and Shayla apu they were called,

Oh! behaviour so fine and tame.


Bing and Yue and Yumeng were all,

My friends from the Oriental place.

They were three of the sweetest girls I knew

And thus I rest my case.


With Cansu, Sara and Lorraine I met very less

But nevertheless was glad to meet,

Because without your acquaintances girls,

My life would’ve been incomplete.


Sakshi is my soul sister here,

And it will hurt me most!

To leave her side after so long,

And be separated by international post.


I thought I would be exceedingly happy,

When it was time to leave,

But this world is a funny place I know,

Surprisingly, now I only feel grief.


The beautiful place I’m leaving behind,

I was glad to call home,

I couldn’t find a better place on Earth,

Even if I searched with Google Chrome.


The people I might not see again,

Are for all intents and purposes my friends,

But truly you’ve been more than that;

You’ve been my life’s color and blends.


This poem is dedicated to all of you,

Who made my life joyful here.

Now I sign off with a heavy heart,

Before I succumb to oceans of tears…


Photograph: ADTeasdale via Flickr and Creative Commons

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  1. Kazi Gulshan Ara
    Sep 28, 2017 - 02:34 PM

    Good read

    • Raisa Bashar
      Sep 29, 2017 - 03:40 AM

      Thanks Ammu

  2. Bushra Bashar
    Sep 28, 2017 - 02:41 PM

    Damn! Thats well written, like always ?

    • Raisa Bashar
      Sep 29, 2017 - 03:43 AM

      Thanks sis…means a lot


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