The Team

The Palatinate Team

If you are interested in writing for Palatinate, or just finding out more about what we do, then please don’t hesitate to email the section editor you are interested in (full list below). Palatinate has over fifteen different sections, ranging from Sport to Fashion, so there’s bound to be something for everyone. For general enquiries or questions please email


Editors-in-Chief – Adam Cunnane & Eugene Smith

Deputy Editors – Anna Tatham & Ellie Scorah



News Editors –  Emma Pinckard & Hugo Harris

News Features Editor  – Ben Sladden

Deputy News Editors – Sophie Gregory & Reece Moore

Comment Editor – Tania Chakraborti

Deputy Comment Editors – Emily Smith and Danny Walker

Politics Editor –  Kate McIntosh

Deputy Politics Editors – Eloïse Carey and Cameron McIntosh.

Profile Editors – Charlie Taylor-Kroll and Jack Reed

Science & Technology Editors – Luke Andrews & Tommy Pallett

Sport Editor –  Nick Friend

Deputy Sport Editors –  James Martland, Ollie Godden & Tomas Hill Lopez-Menchero

College Sport Correspondent- George Bond



Indigo Editor – Yongchang Chin

Deputy Indigo Editor – Olivia Howcroft

Features Editor – Sophie Paterson

Deputy Features Editor – Matthew Chalmers

Food and Drink Editor – Divya Shastri

Deputy Food and Drink Editor – Robbie Tominey-Nevada

Travel Editors –  Harriet Wills

Fashion Editor – Victor Schagerlund

Deputy Fashion Editor –  Emma Denison

Film and Television Editor –  Simon Fearn

Deputy Film and Television Editor –

Creative Writing Editor – Anna Gibbs

Stage Editor –    Alison Gamble

Deputy Stage Editor –

Music Editor – Beth Madden

Deputy Music Editor – Tom Watling


Books Editor –  Aaron Bell & Tamsin Bracher

Visual Arts Editor – Lolita Gendler

Deputy Visual Arts Editor – Lucy Sara-Kelly



Chief Sub-Editor – Ollie Mair

Sub-Editors – Harriet Cunningham, Jack Heeney, Inka Karna, Grace Long, Ciara Murphy, Violet Nicholson



Digital Coordinators – Craig Bateman & Elizabeth Ellen Watson

Web Editor – John Morris



Photography Editor – Jiahe Max Luan

Deputy Photography Editors – Dai-Khue Le Duong

Illustrations Editor – Faye Chua

Deputy Illustrations Editor – Charlotte Way  



A list of former Editors-in-Chief of Palatinate can be found here.

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