Up to 30 countries represented at new International Study Centre

By Tohid Ismael 

Durham University has opened a new International Study Cen­tre (ISC) at its Queen’s Campus in Stockton, which could house stu­dents from over 30 countries.

The Centre, which began teach­ing students in September, aims to prepare international, non-EU students for undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Durham University through pathway pro­grammes.

The ISC offers International Foundation Years, Pre-Masters Programmes and English Lan­guage Courses. The pathway pro­grammes available are directly tai­lored to Durham degrees.

Typical tuition fees for the courses at the ISC range from £15,900 to £18,100. English lan­guage courses are priced at £4,050 per term. These costs do not in­clude accommodation or any oth­er additional fees.

Led by Dr Anna Fenge, the maid­en year of the Centre may see its proposed intake surpass forecasts, with the intake now estimated to be around 400 students and span­ning over 30 countries.

Professor Stuart Corbridge, Durham’s Vice-Chancellor said: “At Durham University we pride ourselves on the diversity of our community. Twenty-one percent of our students are from outside the UK and there are 150 nation­alities represented in our staff and student bodies.

“We value the contribution that our international students make to University life. We believe that the pathway programmes offered at our new ISC are the best way to prepare students and ensure a smooth transition to our under­graduate and taught postgradu­ate programmes in Durham City.”

The ISC is managed by third-party organisation Study Group, an education provider.

James Pitman, the organisa­tion’s Managing Director, stated: “Pathway programmes are a prov­en means of introducing interna­tional students to the UK educa­tion system and preparing them for university study – around 40 percent of students in UK higher education come through path­ways.”

Anthony Long, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, has labelled the open­ing of the ISC a “key moment in our development,” demonstrating “the attraction of Durham University across the world”.

Durham University is currently in the process of the gradual re­location of subjects and colleges from Stockton to Durham City, as well as of Medicine to Newcastle.

The ISC is therefore a welcome investment for Councillor Bob Cook, leader of Stockton Borough Council, who said: “We are de­lighted that the Durham Univer­sity International Study Centre is making its home here in Stockton-On-Tees and we are we are excited to be working with one of the world’s leading universities and prominent foundation providers. That they are making such a significant investment is a huge sign of confi­dence in the Borough”.

Photograph: Amy Ding

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